Englisch B2 - Reading and Communicating

Kursnr. UC406141H3
Datum Do. 04.02.2021 - Do. 06.05.2021
Uhrzeit 10:45 - 12:15 Uhr
Dauer 12 Termine
Kursort Friedberg, vhs, Friedensstr. 18
Gebühr 124,00 €
Dozent(en) Christiane Gerhardt
Hinweis Zzgl. Materialkosten ca. 13 €.



You are looking for an interesting way to practise your English? Let´s read a piece of literature together (e. g. " The Keeper of lost things" by Ruth Hogan) or watch a film and take delight in discussing the content and working on grammar and vocabulary. That´ll be so much fun!

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